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Our process ensures each project meets or exceeds your expectations bringing you one step closer to building your home.
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We Make It Easy

This is the first step to our fruitful partnership with you. We want to know your plans for your new home’s construction, renovation, or addition, your budget, and any other thing that could make or break your decision and outcome.

In this stage, you will have to bring or mail us your top 10 design photos and why you prefer them.
Contract Signing
Based on your design selection for your home, we will discuss and review our contract, pricing, and timeline with you to ensure we meet your needs, preference, and capacity.
Site Analysis/Pre-Design
During this step, you are to provide us with your site information for better analysis. We typicaly will require a few documents that you may need to collect: Plat map, Restrictive Covenants. We can also carry out a site inspection if needed. Based on the information provided, we will draw up some design ideas of what your new space would look like.
Rough Drafts (Schematic Design)
In this next stage, we begin the design process of laying out your floorplan and consider the spatial connections throughout your home. We typically focus on the floorplan and try to get that right through a few rounds of revisions before we take the next step.
First Drafts (Design Development)
Our sketches are adjusted based on your preferences and needs. Based on your selections and adjustments, we will start working on the elevations and schedules.
Pre-finals (Design Development Part 2)
At this stage, we finalize our design for your property. We also begin the process of working on any additional sheets that you or your contractor may request. At this time, we recommend reaching out to your contractor, HOAs, permit offices to begin the approval process. We try to implement this feedback into the final drawings, this helps avoid potential issues or cost over-runs.
Finals (Construction Documentation)
Based on the final adjustments and design, we review our architectural drawing to develop what we call the red line plans. This ensures we discover and address any potential construction issues that can occur later due to design. At this stage the drawings are ready for construction.
Paperwork (Digital PDF)
Once the design phase is completed, we will send you your final plans in PDF form. These drawings can be printed at various print shops in your area. The paper size and scale printing information for each set of plan can be found on the bottom left spine of the drawing.
In this stage, it is entirely your call. We can help you with your construction, recommend several reputable residential building construction companies, or guide you through a self-contractor building experience.
Construction Management
As a vastly experienced designing firm in the construction industry, we also provide construction management services. After handing your design over, our experts can also take charge of your construction project management if needed. We will supervise, coordinate, and handle your project budgeting, time adjustment, and documentation through this service.
After the successful development of your building, Passion Home Designs can still stick around to help you with any documents or follow up services within our scope that you need. Our post-construction services are available to all our customers on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average timeline for a set of plans?

These are typical timelines that we try to keep, these are our goals! Holidays or current workload demand may modify these dates slightly. Sometimes we have an influx of clients or revisions all in the same week, this may cause our times during that week or two to be extended.

  • Rough Drafts (Schematic Design): 2-3 weeks for the first round
  • First Drafts (Design Development): 1.5-2 weeks
  • Pre-Finals (Design Development P2): 1.5-2 weeks
  • Finals (Construction Drawings): 1.5-2 weeks

Multiple revisions on current drafts are typically issued in 1-1.5 weeks.

What is the process for a full set of plans?

For our full process check out our detailed start to finish process.

We break up the plans into four main drafts. Each phase comes with revisions.

  • Rough Drafts (Schematic Design): Rough floorplan layout and designs. Sometimes this could be sketches or photo merged clippings from other plans.
  • First Drafts (Design Development): 80% complete floorplans & Rough Elevations
  • Pre-Finals (Design Development P2): Finished Floorplans & Elevations and any added sheets you may need (siteplan, electrical, etc.)
  • Finals (Construction Drawings): Where we check "redline" our drawings to minimize any possible errors in construction and thoroughly review the plans for any missing final holes.

We have a unique package/pricing model for plans, a la carte. You begin with the base package and add additional sheets you or your contractor may need to complete your build!

Do you design home renovation and/or additions floorplans?

Yes, we do!  We offer both online and in-person options.

Online — We can schedule an online Zoom meeting to discuss your project.  We will review any photos and sketches of your ideas.  Once we understand the project, we will email you a cost proposal.

In-person — We can schedule an in-person meeting onsite to discuss the project and review the ideas.  This option requires an additional consultation cost which will be credited back to the project as soon as the project proposal is accepted, and contract signed.

We live outside of Louisiana.  Do you offer stamped plans for out-of-state projects?

Currently, we are only licensed to stamp/seal Louisiana drawings or plans.  Most states/counties do not require stamped plans for residential plans.  Check with your local permit/county office if an architectural stamp is required.

We do not stamp other plans for approval/submittal.

Do you offer foundation plans?

We can provide a preliminary foundation plan and release them without a stamp.  These drawings may be used for bidding or estimating costs for the project.  Currently, we cannot provide stamped foundation and/or framing plans due to insurance requirements.  Designing a foundation requires the knowledge of local soil conditions.  If you are required or would like a stamped foundation plan, we can provide the CAD linework to a local engineer.  We have a few local engineers that we work with that we can recommend. 

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