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Embrace the possibilities of comprehensive architectural design services

Start building or renovating your commercial spaces into an eye-catchy wonder. Our experienced team of creative architects will help you bring to life your complicated structure through effective space planning, detailed architectural
designs, and our vast pool of hands-on industry experience.

Regardless of the nature and scale of your project, Passion Home Design will see you through the design, coordination, and management phases of your property development.    
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An Easy, Guided Process

From scope/schematic phase to post-construction phase, we guide our business owners through the process of becoming a brick and mortar or renovating an existing brick and mortar. 


We aim to efficiently complete your project while giving you the most information up front or connecting you with trades that can help.

Local Construction Techniques

With over 15 years in building, we are connected to the building codes on state, national, and international levels.

View Project in 3D

Our software allows us to give you a 3D rendition of your project. We can input fixtures, furniture, and equipment to give you a more realistic view.

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In Person and Virtual Meetings
 We understand that building a new business requires a lot of time and energy! We offer virtual meetings where you can view the architects screen and watch as quick changes are made to your floorplan. This also allows you and your business partner/board members to be in different locations and still attend the meeting together!   
Building Knowledge
Having worked with trades in all areas of the building process, we are able to design with actual constructability in mind. Our understanding of the commercial codes is an asset when dealing with the red tape of commercial construction.  
Always a Phone Call Away
Fire Marshal, Zoning & Planning, Rescheck are just a few of the outside trades we can take over for you. If at any point during the build phase you have questions, just give us a call. 
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