Building a Future with Sustainable Homes: A Vision by Passion Home Design

By The PHD Team
Updated July 28, 2023

At Passion Home Design, we believe in creating homes that provide comfort and security while also contributing positively to the environment. As we look towards the future, we are inspired by the work of organizations like the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) and other industry leaders who are paving the way for a more sustainable homebuilding industry.

The Energy and Environmental Building Alliance: A Beacon of Sustainability

The EEBA, as highlighted in a recent Yale Insights article, is a community of over 72,000 builders, architects, and stakeholders across North America. Their mission? To transform an industry that has been doing things the same way for over a century. They aim to make healthier, electric, resilient, decarbonized, and net-zero homes the new standard.

Why Sustainable Homebuilding Matters

Buildings account for a staggering 40% of our energy use, significantly contributing to climate change. The construction industry has been slow to adopt advances, but the technology to improve this exists and is ready to spread. The move to sustainable methods is gaining momentum, with a 440% increase in homes built at or above a Zero Energy Ready standard across North America over the past two years.

The roof of a house with solar panels on the roof.

The Future of Homebuilding: Zero Energy Ready and Beyond

The Department of Energy has set a standard known as the Zero Energy Ready Home. To qualify, a building must be energy efficient enough that a renewable energy system could offset the home’s annual energy use. Beyond this is net zero, where a renewable energy system produces all the energy the house needs. The ultimate goal is net positive, a building that exports energy into the grid.

The Drivers of Sustainable Building

A variety of factors drive interest in sustainable building. Building codes in some places require new construction to be all-electric. Professionals in the field strive to be the best in their industry, and younger generations are pushing for more sustainable and healthier buildings. Economic reasons, such as rebates, incentives, and the certainty of owning their power supply, also drive some builders towards sustainability.

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The Cost and Value of Sustainable Building

While building a sustainable home typically costs 1% to 11% more upfront, the total cost over time can more than offset the initial investment. When considering the purchase of a house, it’s important to look beyond the listing price and consider the operating and health costs, which can be dramatically different from one house to another.

The Challenges and Rewards of Transforming the Industry

Changing the market sector is a challenging task. It requires bringing stakeholders together, sharing ideas and best practices, and fostering radical collaboration across organizations. Despite these challenges, the rewards of transforming the industry are immense. As we build homes for the future, we can create structures that are beautiful and functional and contribute positively to our planet’s health.

Embracing the Shift: Passion Home Design’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Passion Home Design, we are not just observers of the shift towards sustainable homebuilding; we are active participants. We understand that the homes we build today will impact generations to come. We are committed to incorporating sustainable practices and technology into our designs and construction processes. 

From utilizing energy-efficient materials to designing homes that can harness renewable energy, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. We believe that sustainability and luxury can coexist, and we strive to deliver both in every home we design.

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The Road Ahead: Overcoming Challenges in Sustainable Homebuilding

While the path to sustainable homebuilding is promising, it has challenges. The construction industry has been slow to change, and there are real costs associated with shifting to new methods and technologies. However, at Passion Home Design, we see these challenges as opportunities for innovation and growth. We are continually learning, adapting, and finding new ways to build homes that are beautiful, functional, and kind to our planet. We are excited about the road ahead and are committed to leading the way in sustainable homebuilding.