How To Make Unique Designs With Painter’s Tape

By The PHD Team
Updated October 11, 2022

Have you had enough of old paint colors and designs? Ignite your creative spark and take painting the walls of your new home to the next level. How? Use painter’s tape to make intricate designs that will make interior walls pop. 

Normally, painter’s tape is used to tape off baseboards and ceilings during a painting job as it helps produce crisp, clean lines. It can also prevent painters from making mistakes. 

But painter’s tape can do so much more! 


Using Painter’s Tape 

Painter’s tape application doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out task. The design can be as simple or as intricate as you want to make it.  You may wonder how tape can help you achieve your specific design. There are various ways you can use tape to create unique patterns and details. However, you may need a drop cloth if you’re worried about getting paint on other surfaces during the painting process. 

Cover It Up

Cutting the tape is a creative process. Start by laying down strips of painter’s tape side by side on the surface of your choosing. Use a pencil and ruler to measure and draw your pattern or design on the tape. You can use a craft or utility knife to cut out the spaces you want to paint. This method will guarantee that the edges of your design will be as straight as possible. 

Stencil It

Feeling awkward about sticking painter’s tape on the wall and cutting the pieces out from there? No worries. Take some wax paper and stick long pieces of tape on it. Then you can use a pencil to mark your designs and cut them out. You can easily peel the tape off of wax paper and then stick them to the wall to stencil or space out your designs and shapes. 

Space It Out 

Let’s say you want to space out your design, and you’d like some strips of tape to be thinner or thicker than others. Instead of measuring them out, you can choose a tape width that’s wider or thinner than your primary color; there are several different widths available to buy. This is a fun method that can add some versatility to your room and give you the option of adding a second paint color for the opposing strips. You can come up with some funky and creative looks when experimenting with tape sizes.  

Make Curves 

Your creations don’t only have to be straight-edged. You can achieve curves and slopes with painter’s tape by sketching the curve on your wall and using smaller strips of tape to align them. A method for this option is to use a circular item like a plate or bowl, trace the curve over a piece of tape, and use scissors to cut it out.  Another option is to take a pin or nail to mark your center of the circle, then attach a string with a pencil taped to the end and draw the circle.  

Try Freehand 

Maybe the stenciling method isn’t for you. That’s okay. You can always freehand your designs by ripping, cutting, and piecing together tape to make unique shapes and designs. Try using the tape to create trees, leaves, flowers, and other unique ideas. One idea is starting at the corner and branching out to create different sized triangles, creating a geometric wall design like in the photo below.

painters tape 02
Image:  thewallwhisperer

Awesome Ideas Using Painter’s Tapes 

There are many ways to go about your paint job. Perhaps you’re looking to paint the rooms of your home or a newly built nursery. We’ve covered the basic methods of using painter’s tape, but now we can go over the fun stuff. There’s no end to the number of ideas you can come up with when using this type of tape. We’ll keep it simple for beginners and start with these fun ideas:


Stripes & Lines

A common approach when using painter’s tape is creating stripes and lines to divide different paint colors. While this may seem like a pretty simple method, you can create many different looks and styles, such as chevron, diamonds, triangles, honeycombs, and more.

painters tape 04
Image:  thewallwhisperer

Another fun option is playing around with multiple colors. You can paint the top half of the wall one shade of blue, separate it with a smaller line in the middle with a lighter shade, and return to the original color for the bottom half.



Take it up a notch and use shading squares to give your room a distinct look. The blocks could be angled, stream into one another, or be perfectly isolated. There are countless approaches when using block patterns when you change up sizes, shapes, colors, shades, etc.

painters tape 06
Image:  thewallwhisperer


What if we told you there’s a way to spruce up a room without using much paint or tape? The circle ombre method gives a room the extra flair it needs. You can get a perfect circle by attaching some string to a pencil and the other end to a thumb tack or drawing pin. Once you have the circle drawn, you can paint it with the color of your choosing. 


There is more than one way to enhance your interior design with painter’s tape.  With all the options to consider, it can be a challenge to settle on a particular look or design.  If you are a DIYer, there are so many resources on Pinterest and YouTube to give inspiration for a new accent wall. 

If you are building a new construction home or you’d prefer not to DIY, you can hire a specialty painter to paint this for you.  Traditional home painters will not include or offer these accent walls as part of a full house paint.  While we are designing your residence, we can include key notes on your construction documents to let the specialty painter know all the locations you would like accent walls.  If you are stumped and need help deciding, we can advise you on a design to help make your home a dream come true!