Adding Old and Making it New

By The PHD Team
Updated June 1, 2021

Adding an antique door instantly adds character to the inside of your new home.

*The photos below are not examples of our work, rather to serve as inspiration for your home. Reference links included below each photo. 

Antique doors have gained popularity in the southern state’s architecture scene bringing life to historical pieces that may have been tossed aside or thrown away during demo of older residential homes/commercial buildings. Styles benefitting from the usage of these time pieces are, but not limited to French Country, Victorian, and Craftsman. Historical homes undergoing renovations can utilize antique doors to bring cultural and time appropriation.  A great time to make the decision on including antique doors is in the process of creating custom residentials plans for New Construction or Renovation with your Architect or Interior Designer.  The Pantry, Office, Master Bathroom, and additional specialty rooms tend to be adorned with antique doors bringing character to, often times, a blank palette.

The finishing options with antique doors are endless. The raw details of the original door can be left with just a sealer applied giving a slight intensity to the original wood tone/stain. Stain and sealer can be applied bringing new life to the timepiece. Some antique doors were painted and now show wear and tear from years of use and storage. These doors can be hung as is, stripped down to the original wood, or repainted. The Interior Designer on your project can help determine which antique door finish will complete the look of your New Construction or Renovation!

Fitting an antique door into your space may seem like a daunting task with opening sizes, heights, and style to consider. Choosing your exact door prior to floorplan completion allows your architect or interior designer to reflect the opening size and hanging choice in your blueprints. Having these notations on the plan give your builder a leg up when budgeting and installing said door. If you decide to add an antique door after floor plan completion, the company you choose to purchase your antique door from may have the option to size the door for you whether it be adding wood to the sides or shaving off some of the antique door. This is especially helpful during renovations where the opening is predetermined.

Some antique doors come with the original hardware attached and some you must add hardware. Companies such as Baldwin, Nostalgic, and Signature Hardware provide options that coincide with the vintage doors.

For our Louisiana locals, we have listed some amazing businesses below that provide a great selection of antique doors.

Antique Architectural Doors in Louisiana

Jim’s Home Design — Rayne, LA

The Corbel — Jackson, LA (near Baton Rouge)

Bank Architectural Antiques — New Orleans, LA

Ricca’s Architectural Sales — New Orleans, LA